State Exam Test Prep: Arizona

Course State Exam Test Prep: Arizona Price $47


This course includes the following:
State Exam Test Prep: Arizona

This course is designed to prepare you to pass the NMLS Arizona State Exam, with material and questions all tailored to the test outline! This course includes:

1. Over 150 test questions that simulate the state exam questions:

a. You can take the test an unlimited amount of times

b. The questions are randomized so each test is different

c. Clickable wrong answers so that you know what section to review

2. Printable and Online slides

3. Notes that discuss each slide and provide further insight

The exam outline we follow is listed below. Please enjoy the class!



SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test – State Component

Arizona Content Outline

(55 scored test questions; 10 unscored test questions)

I. Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (5%)

A. Regulatory authority

B. Department structure

C. Responsibilities and limitations

II. State Law and Regulation Definitions (10%)

A. ARS 6-991

B. ARS 6-901

C. ARS 6-941

D. AAC R20-4-102

E. Liens and encumbrances

F. Other

III. License Law and Regulation (20%)

A. Persons required to be licensed

1.In state
2.Out of state (non resident)

B. Licensee qualifications and application process

1.Financial responsibility (surety bond, net worth, or recovery fund)
2.Background check and fingerprints (criminal check; credit report)
3.Pre-licensing education and experience
4.Testing and retesting

C. Grounds for denying license

1.Criminal convictions
2.Previous revocation

D. License maintenance

1.Continuing education
2.Personal information updates and required notifications
4.Record keeping and reporting
5.Suspension and reinstatement

IV. Compliance (50%)

A. Prohibited conduct and practices

B. Required conduct

C. Fees and charges

D. Disclosures and agreements

E. Advertising

V. Disciplinary Action (10%)

A. Notifications, hearings, and appeals

B. Suspension, revocation, and rescission of licenses

C. Penalties/fines

D. Civil and criminal liability

VI. Arizona Unique State Test Areas (5%)

A. General purposes and legal effects of mortgages, deeds of trust, and security agreements

2.Foreclosure processes
4.Principles of real estate lending

C. Obligations between principal and agent (loan or originator)

Course State Exam Test Prep: Arizona Price $47


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