North Carolina

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DescriptionPrice Add to Cart
Pre-LicenseNorth Carolina REQUIRES that Pre-license education is taken as a webinar or live classroom. We have a webinar every month (see calendar for details)! If you call us, we may be able to schedule another time.
4 Hour Webinar SAFE PE – North Carolina State Law (1810) $116
24 Hours SAFE PE (Includes NC State Law) – ONLINE INSTRUCTOR LED $399
24 Hours SAFE PE (Includes NC State Law) – Webinar $399
National Exam Test-Prep with Webinar Access$199
State Exam Test-Prep: North Carolina $59
Continuing Education
8 Hour Online SAFE CE (Includes NC State Law) $149

NMLS SAFE ACT Pre-licensure Requirements

  • Education – See education requirements below
  • Test – All new applicants must pass a National and State Exam – BUY NATIONAL EXAM TEST PREP HERE
  • Criminal Background Check -All applicants must submit fingerprints through NMLS for a criminal background check
  • Credit Report – All new applicants must authorize a credit report through NMLS

Education Requirements

TypeHoursRequired CoursesFrequency
SAFE Act Pre-License24SAFE CORE 8 Hours Notes: (a) 4 of the 20 hours are North Carolina state-specific education; (b) State-specific education cannot be taken in an online instructor-led format
SAFE Act Continuing Education8SAFE CORE 7 Hours Notes: 1 of the 8 hours is North Carolina state-specific educationYearly by 12/31