New Jersey 4 Hour Mortgage SAFE CE Course

4 Hours Online SAFE CE (Includes NJ)

This course includes the following:
2 Hour Online SAFE CE NJ – New Jersey Mortgage Professional’s Rulebook (2156)
2 Hour Online SAFE CE – Nontraditional Mortgages ARMs and IOs (1363)

4 Hour Online CE – New Jersey State Law and 2 Elective Hours


This course covers the four hours of SAFE Continuing Education that is needed for MLOs who have already taken the 8 required hours of SAFE education but have not taken the additional four hours required for New Jersey. The modules included are:

New Jersey State Law

This course satisfies the state-specific continuing education requirement for New Jersey Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs). During this 2 hour course, we will provide an overview of the laws and regulations the New Jersey Mortgage Professional must know and abide by.

Nontraditional Mortgages Requirement – ARMs and IOs

This part of our course summarizes various types of adjustable rate and interest only non-traditional mortgages that have been introduced over the last 30 years. This course is taught in context of the 2007housing meltdown and includes the features, pros/cons and pitfalls of each type of loan.

Specific loans covered include:

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)
Interest Only mortgages (IOs)
Negative Amortization mortgages

4 Hours Online SAFE CE (Includes NJ)