National Exam Test Prep Three Practice Exam Bundle

National Exam Test Prep Three Practice Exam Bundle $69 $55

This course includes the following:
National Exam – Three Practice Exam Bundle (Exams #1 – #3)

This package has three, 125-question exams that replicate similar questions on the National Exam and include explanations.

You can take the exams as many times as you want. Practice makes perfect!

The practice exams are designed to give you a percentage of questions similar to the percentage of questions for the major four topics presented on the final exam.

We’ve included a copy of the National Exam outline below so you can get more of a sense for the types of products covered. We highly recommend coupling this exam with our National Exam Study Guide and taking some of our other Practice Exams.

SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test — National Component
Content Outline
(115 scored test questions; 15 unscored test questions)

I. Federal mortgage-related laws (24-25%)

B. Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Reg. B)
C. Truth-in-Lending Act (Reg. Z and HOEPA)
E. Other Federal laws and guidelines

II. General mortgage knowledge (19-20%)

A. Mortgage programs
B. Mortgage loan products
C. Terms used in the operation of the mortgage market

III. Mortgage loan origination activities (19-20%)

A. Application information and requirements
B. Qualification: processing and underwriting
C. Specific program guidelines
D. Closing
E. Financial calculations used in mortgage lending

IV. Ethics (14-15%)

B. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
C. Truth-in-Lending Act
D. Equal Credit Opportunity Act
E. Appraisal

IV. Uniform State Content (20 -22%)

A. Department of Financial Institutions or Mortgage Regulatory Commission
1. Regulatory authority
2. Responsibilities and limitations
C. State Law and Regulation Definitions
D. License Law and Regulation
1. Persons required to be licensed
2. Licensee qualifications and application process
3. Grounds for denying a license
4. License maintenance
E. Compliance
1. Prohibited conduct and practices
2. Required conduct
3. Advertising

National Exam Test Prep Three Practice Exam Bundle $69 $55