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DescriptionPrice Add to Cart
20 Hour SAFE PE – WEBINARS $349 $279
National Exam Test-Prep with Webinar Access$199 

State Exam Test Prep: Maine 

Expires: 120 days


Continuing Education
8 Hour Online CE – SAFE Comprehensive $129

SAFE ACT Requirements

Education Requirements

TypeHoursRequired CoursesFrequency
SAFE Act Pre-License20SAFE CORE 8 Hours
SAFE Act Continuing Education8SAFE CORE 7 HoursYearly by 12/31


“After taking web 20 hour SAFE course, I took the Federal SAFE test scoring a 92.  Great job guys!
Norman Rosskothen
Loan Officer”
“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you did in helping me prepare to complete and pass the required 8 hour continuing education course for NMLS. Your assistance and input was invaluable.
David Stoddard
Sr. Loan Officer”