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We are your source for the required Safe Act mortgage education. We provide high value, low cost solutions that will fit your budget and deliver excellent results. Check out our full list of catalog courses, including the the new 20 Hour PE Online Course plus National Test Prep and our new 2015 continuing education courses.

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  • Courses on your schedule
  • Easy-to-learn courses by industry experts
  • The comfort and privacy of your own home or office
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  • Travel takes time and money
  • Boring lectures, long-winded presenters
  • Stuffy conference rooms
  • Outrageous fees
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Loan officer approved education, your source for loan officer training. Over 11,000 loan officers have chosen us. Our online courses have served thousands of today’s mortgage leaders. They are simple, easy, and fast. They do not require you to leave the comfort of your own home or office. You decide when and where you receive your training. 1st Free University has partnered with the best in the industry to deliver a great value. Our partners cover your loan officer, mortgage broker, and supervised lender pre-licensing education (PE) and continuing education (CE) credits.Our Mission

To deliver the best mortgage education in the industry and to share Ben Harriman’s Training to accelerate your success.